Lung Cancer: The Not So Silent Killer

          Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. If you put pediatric cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer together it would still not equal the number of patients that have lung cancer. Though lung cancer is the most common type of therapy it is definitely not the most dangerous. There are a variety of ways to cure it now. There is surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted chenomic therapy. Surgery requires the removing of some lung tissue. Radiation therapy uses radio-waves to kill the cancer. Chemotherapy is the use of cancer killing drugs. As a result, chemotherapy is the therapy with the most side effects. Last but not least, is targeted chenomic therapy. This is kind of like chemotherapy but it uses drugs that can differentiate normal cells from cancer cells. It is a lot more advanced, but has side effects that could be lethal. In conclusion, though lung cancer is the most common there are a variety of ways to cure it.

          Surgery is one of the most common type of way to remove lung cancer. It was the first type of solution because people didn’t have the technologies to do what they can do now.In surgery the surgeons take out the part of the lungs that have cancer cells infected in them. Surgery is an option for early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). If surgery is possible it should be done. Since lung surgery is a very complicated operation, it should be done by a surgeon who has a lot of experience with doing lung surgery.Before the surgery, some pulmonary tests will have to be taken to see if the required amount of healthy tissue would be left after performing surgery otherwise the surgery could have fatal results. There are three types of lung cancer surgeries: Pneumonectomy, Lobectomy, and segmentectomy/wedge resection. Pneumonectomy is removing an entire lung. Lobectomy is when you take out a section (lobe) of a lung. Segmentectomy is when you take out part of a lobe. However, with surgery comes a lot of drawbacks. Imagine how tired you would be after running or doing any sports if you were missing a lung. Think about how exhausted you could be if you lung capacity was almost cut in half. There is also another way to do surgery called Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery. In this they cut through the skin and insert a tube that can send back live feeds to the doctors which use those to perform surgery on the patient. It is a better option than open surgery because it has less after effects and is more precise. For Pneumonectomy, they cut a larger slit through the skin to put in a bigger tube since they need to remove the entire lung tissue. Surgery is a good option but it has a lot of drawbacks.

          The next type of cancer treatment is called radiotherapy. Radiotherapy uses radio waves to get rid of the cancer inside the patient’s body. However, though helpful it can also be dangerous if too much of it is taken. Radiation therapy is one of the most advanced type of treatment for lung cancer. There are two main type of lung cancer treatments. They are called external and internal radiation. External radiation uses a highly radioactive beam to and targets it at the cancer. It often has to be given in doses since it could be lethal if given all at once. This process usually taken a couple of months until the necessary amount of radiation is given. Internal radiation is when the surgeons insert a rice-size radioactive chip into the patient’s body where it gradually kills the cancer. Some people think that this is dangerous since it makes the patient radioactive. However over time the effect wears off and the patient is normal again. Though it is also is a good option it has drawbacks like having to stay in the hospital afterwards and always being cautious to not spread any radioactivity in the future.

          The last but not least type of lung cancer treatment is called chemotherapy. Chemotherapy uses drugs to fight the cancer. It is not used as a primary killer for cancer. It is used to ease the pain or kill remaining cancer that is left after radiotherapy and/or surgery. Chemotherapy is the cancer-killing technique that has the most side-effects. Since chemotherapy uses drugs it can be unpredictable. Chemotherapy’s side effects include the following: sickness, hair loss, nail loss, and iron depletion. There are many more but the list of side-effects is endless. There is a type of chemotherapy called targeted chenomic therapy. Unlike chemotherapy drugs, these drugs can distinguish between cancer cells and normal cells so it can be more efficient and safe in killing the cancer faster and more accurately. Chemotherapy is a good technique to finish a treatment, but as a primary treatment it is not as effective.

          Lung cancer is becoming more dangerous. It has also spread around from smoking, secondhand smoking, and bad air quality. If it is not treated lung cancer can be very dangerous. However, in today’s world it is almost never too late and 77 percent of people make it through lung cancer. There are a variety of ways to cure it like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. Though millions have lung cancer, well over half of the people are survivors and live to tell the tale. Lung cancer can challenge us but we can beat it with these new technologies.

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Carcinoma, type unspecifiedCreative Commons License Yale Rosen via Compfight 

A disturbing picture of a lung with cancer.


Yesterday we made a lot of limericks. They are five-lined stanzas that follow an AABBA pattern with rhyming. The first, second, and last lines have eight to nine syllables. The third and fourth lines have five to six syllables. It was really funny and some of the limericks that my class made were hilarious.

Here are some that I made and found of the internet.


There was a really fat guy

He was about to die

He was choking on his fat

Just like his cat

Then got hit by a pie



A certain young fellow named Bee-Bee
Wished to wed a woman named Phoebe.
“But,” he said, “I must see
What the clerical fee
Be before Phoebe be Phoebe Bee-Bee



A canner, exceedingly canny,
One morning remarked to his granny,
“A canner can can
Anything that he can;
But a canner can’t can a can, can he?”

Here is a good link where you can find limericks.


e.e cummings’ Quote

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” – e.e. cummings

I think that this quote means that you have to be brave and stick with what you do no matter what others say to be want you want to really be. If you want to do something don’t let other people hold you back into not doing it. 


Rice Trivia Vocab

Hi, today I donated 800 grains of rice to the free rice foundation. How this works is that you go to the link(can be found on my blog) and answer some questions about vocab. For every question you get right you donate ten grains of rice. I think everybody should answer at least 20 questions to donate to the foundation.

Alternative Energy Sources



Alternative Energy Sources

by Shivam S.


Lately the usage of fossil fuels has really gone up. We use them all the time, and we may not realize it. We use it to run our cars, cook our food on the stove, and we even use it in our heating systems. This technology is great for all types of things, except for one: the environment. We may think that fossil fuels are perfect because they are really efficient, and they don’t do any harm to us. That is wrong. Every year 29 billion tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air. We need to find something other than fossil fuels; otherwise, we could be putting our future world at stake. We need to find an alternative energy source.

One energy source is wind power. This way, we don’t have to use gasoline, and we don’t make any byproduct to put into the air. The wind will blow wind turbines, and they will power a generator that can produce electricity. This can have many pros and cons. Let’s talk about the pros. One of them is that wind power does not create any pollution, or harmful product. We can use it most of the time in oceans or land. Although wind power only accounts for 2.5 percent of total worldwide electricity production, that amount is growing steadily by 25 percent more each year.  However, even though it can be used most of the time does not mean it can be used all the time. The weather is not always windy, and even if it is the wind turbine requires certain wind speeds.Then there is the cost of the wind turbines. Even though the cost of the technology has decreased dramatically over the past ten years, the technology requires a higher initial investment, where the cost of gasoline is relatively cheap. Not only is it expensive, but it also takes up a lot of space. Special areas of land have to be reserved just for the wind turbines, and they may compete with another alternative use for the land. Another con is that wind is intermittent and does not always blow when electricity is needed. Wind can’t be stored and can’t always be harnessed at the time to meet the demands for electricity. Plus, good winds are at remote locations and not always where the demand is. Overall wind is a good alternative source of energy, but it has some cons.

Another energy source would be solar energy. There are many good things about solar energy. One of them is that it is renewable, and will never run out. Since solar energy is based on the sun, as long as we have the sun we will always have solar energy as an option. It is also very abundant. The surface of the Earth receives almost 120,000 terawatts of energy. That’s 20,000 times more powerful than what is needed to supply the world. Solar energy is also sustainable, because there is no way the world can over consume it. It is also available in most of the world, even the countries that are not close to the equator. Now with net-metering and feed-in-tariff(FIT) people who produce excess energy from solar power, can get money for “selling” it. Unlike wind power, solar energy is absolutely silent. This is because of photovoltaics, which is the process that takes place naturally in materials called semiconductors. It also doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, which is a good thing if you are usually busy. Now that I’ve went into depth about all the advantages about solar energy, let me talk about all the disadvantages. Solar energy is, like wind power, more expensive than fossil fuels. This may be a changing factor because vendors, and companies, always want the cheaper solution. Unfortunately, like wind, solar power is intermittent, which means it is unpredictable. Even though solar energy does not pollute the air directly, it does indirectly. For example, environmentally dangerous chemicals like sulfur, and nitrogen trifluoride, have been traced back to solar cell making plants. These chemicals are 1000 times more dangerous, compared to Carbon Dioxide. Another problem is that the materials required to make solar panels, are extremely rare and not found in nature very often. Another thing is that solar panels take up a lot of space. This is because the power density(the amount of power produced in a certain area) is low, and therefore the solar panels need more room to produce ideal amounts of energy. Even though solar power produces a lot of power, it is not comparable to the energy that fossil fuels produce.

The third energy source would be geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is heat from the Earth. We can transfer this energy to meet our needs. Geothermal technology works by the heated earth or water producing enough power to spin turbines, which in turn produce electricity. geothermal pumps can use the Earth’s temperature to heat or cool homes, without using much energy or putting out bad environmental effects. Like all alternative sources of energy, geothermal energy has pros and cons. First let’s name all the advantages of geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is renewable, so as long as there is heat from the sun, there will always be an option of geothermal energy. Unlike wind power or solar power, geothermal energy is predictable, and stable. It is not like the wind or solar power where the amount of energy harnessed is dependent on the weather. The amount of energy harnessed out of a geothermal plant can be predicted with remarkable accuracy. Geothermal energy can be harnessed by using the temperature difference between the surface and the ground. Since the earth is more resistant to temperature change relative to the air, the ground a couple of meters below can act as a heat source with a geothermal heat pump. Since we talked about the advantages of geothermal pumps, let’s talk about the disadvantages. For example some of the geothermal plants caused surface instability and sometimes earthquakes. This happens because of a process called hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is splitting the earth with high pressure water. Even though it is often used in oil extraction, it is also used in enhanced geothermal systems, which are geothermal systems, that generate electricity without natural convective hydrothermal resources( consists of three things: fluid, heat, and permeability; the ability of a substance to let fluid pass through it). The third problem with geothermal energy is that it is very expensive. It is even more expensive than wind power and solar power. A geothermal plant with a capacity of one megawatt can cost about 2 to 7 million dollars. Forward more, geothermal reservoirs are not that easy to come by. Also, if geothermal energy is transported over long distances by hot water, there is a lot of significant energy loss. Geothermal plants are also hard to manage, because the geothermal reservoirs can be depleted if fluid is removed faster, than it is replaced. The bottom line is geothermal energy has many advantages, but it also has very important disadvantages, that we should take into consideration.

The fourth alternative energy source is Hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric energy is a form of water power which converts moving water, which is kinetic energy, into electric power. Hydroelectric power works by letting the water flow to sea or off a waterfall causing turbines to rotate because of the power of the water. Another form of hydroelectric power is tidal power. Tides are the falling and rising of the water levels, so therefore tidal power is just using the tides to turn turbines to make electricity. Like all alternative sources of energy hydroelectric power has its pros and cons. Hydroelectric power is renewable, as long as there is water. In the process of generating electricity hydroelectric power is environmentally friendly. It is also reliable since as long as there is water moving hydroelectric power will work. Unfortunately hydroelectric power does have a downside. It can kill natural animals’ habitats. The cost of building these dams are also very high. Hydroelectric power is a good energy source, and we may use it in the future.

The final energy source I am going to talk about is biomass. Biomass is organic matter from plants or animals, or otherwise known as micro-organisms. Biomass can be used for heat or for producing electricity through the power of turbines. Biomass is renewable because it is just plants, except that they have converted form from a plant to a biofuel. Biomass is also Carbon neutral, because it doesn’t increase the amount of Carbon in the atmosphere. This is because the plant absorbs Carbon when it is alive, and when it dies it releases Carbon into the atmosphere where it gets absorbed only to get taken by another plant. It also saves a lot of money because it only costs one-third of the money to do the same job. Biomass is probably the most abundant alternative energy source, because all you need is plants. There is only one disadvantage; biomass production and processing plants take up a lot of room.

I think that we should try to make a switch from fossil fuels to other alternative sources of energy. We have a lot of alternative sources of energy like wind power, solar power, geothermal power, and much more. If we switch to the alternative energy sources we can significantly reduce the amount of pollution that is going on today. I think that we should pay this matter more attention, because it can save the earth. There are many types of energy sources that we can harness environmentally friendly, or else matters like global warming can expand to a point where we won’t be able to do anything about it. There are different uses for alternative sources of energy. For example the sun can be used on sunny days, and can be stored in batteries for when it’s cloudy. Wind power can  be used on windy days, which are most of the time in some areas, and on non-windy days there will always be another alternative source of energy. Hydroelectric power can always be used, because the rivers are always flowing. Unfortunately hydroelectric power can harm the ocean animals, so it is not the best candidate for being used constantly. Also biomass can always be used in most places. Unfortunately it can be overused, because there are only so many plants in the world, and if we use them all we will have much more significant problems than running out of biofuels. I think the most efficient source of energy is solar power because it can be used most of the time and it can be stored in batteries. We should try to switch to other alternative sources of energy.

POW(Paragraph on Week)Chronological

This Saturday I had my basketball game. The game was really interesting because of the constant shifting of the score. The first quarter was very exciting and we were tied the entire game, and whenever our team scored, they equaled it out and vice versa. Then the second quarter came and both of the teams were clashing hard but we were up by ten points, even though the real fight was yet to begin. In the third quarter, we were almost always tied the whole quarter except for twice when I scored as well as the point guard. The hardest time was fourth quarter because we couldn’t get a lead no matter how hard we tried. However, at the last three seconds we broke through. By that time overtime had started, and it went on for nine minutes because of the tieing. Eventually we scored and won by exactly one point. My team and I were talking about the game for ten minutes about how we barely won. Then it was time for us to go home.

One Little Work

Own Little Word, Enterprisation

by Shivam Singh

There are many words to describe me. This year, in 2015, I am going to choose one word. This is the word that I will improve on, get better at, and try my hardest to achieve. This word is enterprisation. Enterprisation means to face challenges and to strive to do not only good at it, but be phenomenal. Many of these things include academics, sports, and just be a good person in general. I know that I am not even close to perfect, and that I can improve on millions of things, but this year I am going to take everything that I am not perfect at and take it like a challenge. Studying hard, coming to every practice and not giving up are only some of the steps that I will take to reach this goal. There is always going to be a million things to improve on every year. This year I am choosing one, and it is all described in one word, enterprisation.


Where I am From

Where I am From


I am from the restaurants that I go to and food

From “Olive Gardens and “Ez Sol Azteca”.

I am from the sweet treats, and ice-cream that is like sugar cubes dissolving in my mouth.

From “Shivam, stop eating all the chocolates!” and “Mm-mmm”

I am from all the nice food, and barbecues, where all the food always stays in my mouth.

From the savory meats,like crispy and grilled chicken, and the luscious sweets like milk chocolate that melts in my mouth.

I am from the adventures, and the action.

From the mysterious, and surprises that everyone holds like boxes just waiting to be opened.

I am from the vacations every month, and getting out of school

From “Hawaii” and “Mexico”

I am from games, and all the fun activities that I do

From parasailing and scuba diving and jet-skiing too.

I am from the expensive hotels, and the guilty feeling, which always gets run-over by the happiness.

From the thanks I give to have all of ‘this’.

I am from reading “forever”, and getting bored

From the exciting action novels to the boring textbooks.

I am from the dedicated projects, to the not so ones.

From the procrastination, and finishing too early.

I am from writing long essays, and short poems

From the “ I don’t want to!” and the “Can I do it?”

I am from the constant moaning of school.

From the “Do I have to?” and “Uggh”

I am from the holidays, and the holiday parties, that are like sweet treats.

From the thanksgiving turkey, and the Christmas trees.

I am from the fun I have every day to the treats I get.

From playing sports to getting new things every day.

I am from “See you” and “Goodnight”

From bedtime to daytime.

I am from the best family in the world, and the delights of it

From the fun big moments, and the constant small ones.

I am from the excitement, to the ultimate surprise.

From the unexpected surprises to the totally predictable ones.

I am from the funny memories, and the sad ones.

From the accidentally falling off a boat, to funerals.

I am from the best family in the world.

From the memories and the moments, that make me.

I am a storage box, waiting to be filled with more and more memories.

This is where I’m from.